Getting the nutrients you need with limited resources.

Feeding Your Mood #StressAwarenessMonth

With limited resources and only being able to venture to the shop once every 4.5million years, things aren’t boding well for our culinary skills, right? WRONG! Here is a cheeky “straight from the fridge” recipe from our Holiday Inn Milton Keynes Chefs PACKED with EVERYTHING you need at this trying time (including gloating rights):

1) 1 thick slice of bread

2) 2 tbsp tomato topping (you can use tinned pasta sauce, tomato puree or even salsa!)

3) thinly sliced *whatever is in your fridge*:

  • ham (/meat-free)
  • spinach
  • tuna
  • mushrooms
  • jalapeños (if you dare)
  • seeds
  • fried egg (to add at the end… don’t knock until you try it!)

Well… we’re sure you’ve had a pizza before so you get the idea…

4) 30g/1oz cheese, such as grated Cheddar, ready-grated mozzarella or a vegan alternative

“But how on earth do I make it?!” we hear you cry:

  1. Pop your grill on, medium-high setting. On a baking tray or grill pan, lightly toast one side of your bread.
  2. Flip the bread and spread your tomatoey sauce, adding as many toppings as your heart desires before sprinkling on that cheese.
  3. Place under the grill (this time fun-side-up, of course) for a further 2–3 minutes, or until the cheese melts and the toppings are hot.

It should resemble one of these two pics… 

“Yes this seems easy, but does it really have everything I need?”

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: We’re glad you asked…

Your mood is directly affected by what you eat, so, as much as you need the fruit and veggies (‘coz 5-a-day), there are some other bits we need to be upping in this trying time:

Protein is responsible for your ability to regulate thoughts and feelings. This dish includes high-protein ingredients such as seeds, egg, spinach, chicken/meat-free substitutes, tuna, cheese/vegan substitute.

High Fibre is important in stressful times because anxiety affects your gut. This meal of toast-pizza has a great amount of fibre in the bread, seeds, spinach and whatever other veggies you choose(/find in the fridge).

Sugar is something we of course need, but too much spikes our blood sugar levels which gives us a burst of energy, yes, but with a high comes a low; once the blood sugar drops we’re left feeling tired and low in mood. Choosing veggies such as spinach and mushrooms can help keep your blood sugar more level and avoid the post-sugar lull.

Something super important to remember is that cooking good food for yourself is a great way of showing self-care and love; you’re showing to yourself that you deserve foods that are going to be good for your body and your mind. That in itself promotes positive mental health!