Kew Green Hotels' COVID-19 Turn-around.

Working From Home

No one could have been prepared for what has happened over the last month or so, and no one could have predicted the vast impact that COVID-19 has had.

2 years ago at Kew Green Hotels, we centralised our People Team function. And, due to the success of this (did we mention all of the awards…), this time last year the same was done with the Sales function. Streamlining our processes, bringing everyone together to feed on each other’s spirit and share best practice was going so wonderfully well. Never did we ever consider the nation-wide call for “Social Distancing” and “Isolating”…

So, what are we presented with? A brand-new function that has been building for 2 years and has just settled in and started to really thrive; and a week in which to tear it all back down and magic equipment to ensure everyone can work from home.

Now, there are a lot of businesses that have managed this, but that doesn’t make us any less #proud of what we’ve managed to achieve. The best thing about this achievement? It has proven how our employees live and breathe our values:

We Love Change

This one is pretty self-explanatory. What bigger change have we had to face in such a short space of time?!

The Details Matter

With so much to be done, everyone had to come together and work in unison. It was vital that the action each person had responsibility for was completed perfectly in order for the rest of the operation to work and by jove did they manage it! This last week or so has seen our humans turn into the most impressive worker-ants!

We Trust Our Teams

For the first time in our business, we’re not living in each other’s pockets. Instead, our teams are working from home with only Google Hangouts to keep them in touch. We know that we are all striving for the same thing, we truly are all in this together, and so we are putting trust in our teams to keep doing their best for our customers.

We Pursue Outstanding


The thing about hospitality is that you have to love it to work in it. The passion for great guest experience has only been heightened within our teams and they are truly doing everything they can to make their customer’s day just that little bit better.