Mental Health in the Work Place - Where to Begin


A recent survey by Mind revealed that less than 50% of employees with a mental health diagnosis feel comfortable or confident enough to tell their manager. As hard as we as a society are trying, there is still such a huge stigma around mental health. This is just a brief post talking about the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace, as well as where to go for information.

Companies need to be open, honest and clear with their employees so that they know mental health matters and that being open about it will lead to support, not discrimination.

“But how do we even begin?”

We believe that the most simple way to embed this into your culture and to communicate it business wide is to explain that mental health will be treated in the same way as physical health as both are equally important. Of course culture change doesn’t happen over night, but the more communication you have, the closer you get to that much-needed shift.

The next step is to identify what support you are able to provide to your employees, considering resources and capacity. There are some really brilliant tools on Mind’s website, including a brilliant document on how to support employees whom suffer with mental health

“But why is it important to tackle mental health in the work place?”

Of course you have a duty of care to you employees, but this isn’t the only reason to put support in place – good mental health is crucial to business performance. It’s the age-old saying – “happy workers are productive workers”. We all know that mental health isn’t as simple as happy and sad, but the principle is the same. When you think about it that way, why would you not invest in mental health awareness and support in your business?

If a saying won’t convince you, how about a statistic – nearly 50% of employees would consider leaving their job if they didn’t feel looked after.

Of course this is a very brief introduction to how to tackle mental health in the workplace,  but there is such a vast amount of support out there for both employees and employers! If you want to kick-start this in your company, you can begin by visiting any of the below (to name just a few!):


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