From Laundry Counting to Group Property Manager

Mike's inspiring career through Kew Green Hotels.

I first started at the Holiday Inn Haydock in July 2002 as a Laundry Assistant. It wasn’t quite what I dreamed I would be doing 2 days after leaving school but it was a job and meant I was finally making my own money!

After 12 months of hard work, I was asked to join the maintenance team on an 8 month project painting all 136 bedrooms and, of course, jumped at the chance. Without any previous experience, I was a little nervous – and rightly so as to begin with I got paint everywhere! Luckily I improved over time – practice makes perfect – and I was offered a permanent position with the maintenance team.

Over the next 9 years, through self-teaching and guidance from my manager, I drank up as much information and experience as I could. This meant that when the Maintenance Manager position at Holiday Inn Warrington came in January 2012, I was confident and ready to offer support. Just 10 days later, after deciding that this was my time to shine and prove what I could do, I was offered the position for 3 years.

Seeing everything as an opportunity, I worked hard, making strong working relationships within my team and the wider business, and got involved in as much as I could within the company. In 2015 I was offered an additional position at one of our larger properties – Holiday Inn Runcorn.

Calling it a larger property is an understatement – it was an absolute beast by comparison; but, as ever, I grabbed it with both hands and excelled as a Dual-Site Maintenance Manager.

Are you ready for a plot twist? – In 2017 I was given the position of Maintenance Manager for Holiday Inn Haydock.

Yes, the very hotel I had started in 15 years ago.  That was a fundamental moment for me – from laundry picking to managing the maintenance function across multiple hotels?! I guess hard work does pay off and man am I #proud.

Now, 2 years later in 2019, I took a chance and went for the role of Group Property Manager – and I start in June!

What advice would you give to someone else starting a career in hospitality?

“Stick at it. There are so many opportunities within Kew Green Hotels and hospitality as an industry. Listen, Learn and Achieve


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