We catch up with Beverley Williams-Smith to talk life in Sales at Kew Green Hotels

Looking back on 10 years of success with our Head of Sales & Partnerships

Beverley Williams-Smith is Kew Green Hotels’ Head of Sales & Partnerships UK & Inbound. This year Beverly celebrated her 10 year anniversary with the company so we spoke to her about her time here.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since starting with Kew Green Hotels?

“The anniversary date fell during my annual leave, so whilst relaxing pool-side I had time time to reflect on exactly that…

When I started, back in 2009, the UK was just 5 months into the start of the financial meltdown and the longest recession since the late 70s. Our hotel guide could be printed on a two sided A4 sheet – now, however, we are a £billion asset company!”

What have Kew Green Hotels done, in your opinion, to remain successful through tough times?

“We have adapted to the needs in the ever changing hospitality and business landscape whilst remaining focused – which is difficult with constant distractions of e-mails, social media, & news feeds!”

What advice would you give to other leaders in the hospitality industry?

“The only way to succeed with whatever lies ahead in these uncertain times is to stay focused on the company’s values. We can be inspired but we can’t wait for that inspiration to get things done – sometimes we even things we don’t sometimes want to do “Only work gets things done.”

What has kept you loyal to the company for so long?

“My past Director of Sales to the present Director of Sales & Marketing Joanna Fisher both have inspired me to be the best I can be and push for more each day.

I now have the privilege to work with the best Senior Leadership Team I have ever worked with (to put this into perceptive for my Millennial colleagues and Linkedin community, my working life is probably the same age as your parents) so this is a pretty amazing statement to make. What makes them so good? They trust their teams and in turn we trust them.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about a Sales career with Kew Green Hotels, get in touch with our Talent Resourcing Manager, Natasha Nagra at Natasha.nagra@kewgreen.co.uk.