Kew Green Hotels tackles the stigma around careers in hospitality.

Why a career in hospitality ticks more boxes than you think!

One of the most worrying recruitment statistics we’ve ever heard was one that was revealed this year: 91% of school students wouldn’t consider a career in hospitality. That, hand-in-hand with unemployment being at an all-time-low, doesn’t bode well at all! And then… Brexit…well… that’s a conversation for a different day.

Since hearing this, we made it our mission to look into why this is the case so that we can tackle the challenge head-on.

A recent study has shown that there is limited knowledge when it comes to people’s understanding of careers in hospitality. One in five participants thought that working in a restaurant was the only career path available in hospitality and so wouldn’t consider it for their future.

Here’s where we come in: this is simply not true! Hospitality is perhaps the industry with the biggest variety of career paths and opportunities. That and it’s your key to seeing the world (may we add, at a considerable discount).

These are just the departments in which you can start your Kew Green Hotels career’s path; the training and investment we then offer produces a list of opportunities so long it might exceed this blog’s word-count!

The 3 main career requirements for Millenials and Gen-Z has been revealed as:

  1. Flexible hours
  2. Progression
  3. Travel

Each, of which, are the key features of a career in hospitality:

  1. Something we firmly believe at Kew Green Hotels is that, as a 24-hour industry, we have an ability to offer flexible hours unlike anywhere else. And so? We do!
  2. In the last year, over 1,000 Kew Green Hotels’ employees have progressed into different job roles within our company – that’s a 1/3 of our workforce. Now that’s a statistic we do like!
  3. Travel – where do we even begin? Just one of our brands is Holiday Inn, a brand renowned for having consistent standards no matter which hotel you walk into. It is also a brand with over 1,000 hotels worldwide. So once you have that brand training – the world is literally your oyster. And, as we mentioned, that’s just one of our 10 brands!

This has only been a snapshot of what a career at Kew Green Hotels can offer you, but we hope it can plant a seed of curiosity to find more about a future career in hospitality. Have a look at what’s currently available or get in touch with Charley at