We seek to provide our employees with a strong company culture and develop talent across all service sectors.

We recognise that our employees are the core of the hospitality industry and we are committed to attracting and retaining high quality, engaged employees, while operating efficient and productive staffing structures.

Our HR strategy is focused on collaborating with leaders in our hotels to ensure that we drive our company culture from an early stage and integrate new employees as quickly as possible into our teams. We have a team of Regional HR Business Partners who work closely with the Directors of Operations and Area General Managers to achieve this as well as learning and development and payroll specialists.

We are committed to providing learning opportunities for all of our staff and have devised a number of training tools and programmes to drive standards and service quality, regardless of brand. We aim to train every hotel employee every day.

Apprenticeships are a key focus and offered throughout the group in a variety of disciplines. We have also devised a number of development programmes designed to fast track our rising stars and build specialist skills and knowledge.

Our HR policies and procedures are designed around industry best practice and used alongside advanced HR and workforce scheduling technology to ensure we are able to efficiently plan and manage staffing structures and payroll costs.

We celebrate excellence through our annual employee awards programme and recognise achievement and success at hotel, regional and national level. We regularly conduct employee engagement surveys and are proud to celebrate high levels of employee satisfaction.

Above all, we understand that proud, engaged employees mean satisfied guests which in turn delivers a profitable business.

Director: Ros Hardiman

Ros HardimanDirector of Human Resources