Providing owners with rigorous financial management, forecasting and detailed reporting.

Kew Green excel in rigorous financial management and forecasting, and provide owners with a full suite of detailed and relevant reports regarding their hotel.

Tight financial management and accurate forecasting is essential to any owner and operator. Kew Green Hotels offer owners a suite of financial reports including:

  • Monthly profit and loss
  • KPI analysis
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow forecasts

The company has developed a financial reporting system to manage the financial performance of hotels, including forward looking real time Profit Forecasts to allow us to maximise owner’s returns, whatever the trading environment.

The financial system includes the following tools:

  • Daily revenue forecasts & 90 day forward forecasts
    • These are done by revenue line to allow hotels to accurately forecast resources and maximise ADR by Daily Profit Forecasts
  • Real time month ahead profit forecasts
    • These ensure actions are taken in plenty of time across all cost lines to maximise profit delivery
  • Payroll planning tools
    • To ensure optimal daily resourcing
  • Food and beverage margin reports
    •  Updated in real time to ensure effective controls are in place
  • External monthly stock take reports ledger management system
    • To ensure timely collection of debtors and optimise cash flow

These proprietary tools are embedded into all hotels in order to optimise the control environment and profitability of each and every hotel.

Group Finance Director: Russell Duckworth

Russell DuckworthGroup Finance Director