Self-Limiting Movement? HIIT? LIIT? (Clue - it’s not Long Island Ice Tea…)

Because you will have a passion for the Health and Fitness industry, you’ll know exactly what each of the above means! At Kew Green Hotels, our leisure clubs are focused on delivering a home away from home for our guests and we love to hear from individuals who care about delivering an outstanding guest experience.

As clichéd as it sounds you’ll constantly want to find innovative ways to put a smile on your members faces. It could be as simple as seeing Amy in the lobby with her two children and suggesting the use of our swimming pool as a means to cure their boredom (the tell-tale slump with their heads in their hands was a dead giveaway!). Or, it could be by being the one who inspires James to lose those extra Christmas pounds that he’s been desperate to lose since last year!

A rapport builder, a real people person who is driven by delivering service with a smile. Sure, leisure will be your thing – but it’s the delivering of memorable experiences that differentiates us from the rest. You’ll be friendly, welcoming and passionate about developing a well-rounded Health and Fitness career.

P.S – For those that still don’t know – its High/Low Intensity Interval Training! 


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