Our Chefs are something of the unsung heroes, after all – a clean plate is the Chef equivalent of getting the guy or girl, right?

Being an outstanding Chef doesn’t just mean recreating menus and developing new specials. It means contributing to the overall success of your hotel, working with your Front of House teams to ensure each of our guests leaves happy (and full!).

 We know Chefs are in serious demand and so in choosing us, we will do all that we can to invest in your future – irrespective of whether you are joining us as an Apprentice or a Head Chef, we have a development programme for you.

We offer a three-tier development programme, the levels associated with Commis, CDPs and then for our Head Chef community, offering the opportunity to visit abattoirs, undertake farm and coastal city visits – whilst gaining an in-depth understanding of how produce starts its journey to our plates, alongside practical, interactive classes and learning to number crunch.

You can learn more about our Chef Development Programmes here.


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