Work-Life Balance Week

We know that life isn't all about work! So, how can you get that balance?

We all know the phrase ‘work to live, don’t live to work’. But in reality, how realistic is that?

1 in 10 parents refuses a job or promotion because of the lack of work/life balance; Millenials and GenZ rate flexibility in the top 3 most important things when searching for a career… and yet Britain works considerably more hours than the rest of Europe. Do we get more done? Quite the opposite.

As it’s Work-Life Balance week, and as it was World Mental Health Awareness Day yesterday, Kew Green wanted to look into the benefits of flexibility and balance for both the employee and the business.

The thing about work-life balance is that it’s not all about working part-time or fitting around school hours; it means actually going home when you go home!


Well, going home doesn’t just mean leaving the building. To get the rest you need from your job, you can’t spend your evenings ‘talking shop’ (/hotel) or on your emails.  It is proven that giving yourself time and space (including head-space) away from work not only improves wellbeing but it actually increases productivity.

The same applies to your breaks at work (yes, this is also an important part of work/life balance). The key is to not only physically get away from your desk (/kitchen), but to focus on something contrasting – if your job is data-driven, focus on something creative; if you’re talking to people all day, spend that time in your own head. These short breaks are invaluable and help with decision-exhaustion and, more importantly, your mental health.

The brilliant thing about a career in hospitality is the variety of shifts available to fit around your life – we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: as one of the only businesses running 24/7, we are in the perfect position to offer flexibility that fits around our employees.

At Kew Green Hotels we encourage our employees to take responsibility for their work/life balance and promise to support in any and every way we can.

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