Help the Environment (that you're surrounding yourself with to improve your mental health)

What surrounds you? #StressAwarenessMonth

The environment is so important, but not just the one you see when you look out of the window. Imagine that window is a mirror and you’re looking at the environment you’ve created for yourself at home. Just as the one we should be taking care of for mother nature, how are you nurturing and loving your immediate environment to support the growth of your mental health?

What challenges do you face being at home all of the time?

Last year I made a decision of switching coffee to decaf tea this helps to keep my caffeine levels low. I didn’t realise how much I was drinking and with the peaks of caffeine, comes the lows – not ideal when needing to prioritise mood and wellbeing.

The only other issue I had and still remains the same is unnecessary snacking.  I often walk up to the fridge, open the door and just stare… looking for food!


What things do you do to make sure your environment is supporting positive mental health?

It’s so easy to find yourself stuck inside, almost forgetting to leave the house and get some vitamin D, so I make sure to start my day with a 3 mile run with my son’s ‘PAT’ dog ‘Muffin’.  This sets both of us up for the day; I really look forward to our time together in the fresh air.

What surrounds you is also super important. Yes, I get nature from my dog-walking, but I also bring plants into the home – filling the air with oxygen and making it a much calmer, more beautiful space to live.

I also love listening to BBC radio four, which is always on in the background, filling the air with the sound of people chatting. I learn something new every-day from their debates and life stories – it gives me something to think about and ponder. Sometimes I feel like I have travelled to all corners of the world without leaving the kitchen.  For me, it’s better than trashy pop songs… however, I do occasionally enjoy them on a Friday!

What recommendations would you give to people who are currently stuck at home in isolation?

By keeping a calm and tidy space around you, you directly impact your mood and self-care.