In 2018 The Clink reduced re-offending by 49.6%. We think it's fair to say that this is a project worth investing in.

Stamp Out the Stigma - KGH's partnership with The Clink.

Dare to be Different. At Kew Green Hotels we think we have to dare to be different until prejudice is stamped out. And until then, we are happy to lead the way. We believe that offering working opportunities to ex-offenders will not only reduce the risk of re-offending, but it will chip away at stigma.

Kew Green Hotels have been working with the Clink Charity since 2016 and the results speak for themselves. Having recruited 20+ ex-offenders through the Clink, this is now a successful and thriving partnership; we are proud to be reducing reoffending for those being released from prison by offering support with employability post-release, in addition to work experience for those on
temporary license and subsequent permanent employment.

Lisa-Marie Butler, Resettlement Support Worker for the Clink, said “Kew Green has been a predominant and supportive employer for The Clink since October 2016. Having an employer group like Kew Green, who are highly recognised within the catering industry,  has broken the stigma and highlighted to other employers that people can change if given the opportunity.  They have shown Clink Graduates that they believe in them and empowered them to believe in themselves.  No matter what graduates backgrounds were or reason for imprisonment, they looked past this and towards the future which broke a cycle and changed the lives of many.”


“50% employers would not consider anyone with a criminal conviction.”

The infamous “convictions” tick-box on job applications can instantly filter out any ex-offenders, adding them to the 73.5% who are unable to find employment after release. A study by DWP revealed that 50% employers would not consider anyone with a criminal conviction. To get other businesses on-board, we would like to approach this from 2 positions:

  1. This stigma needs to stop and we need to be investing in second-chance opportunities.
  2. There is a record-breaking number of jobs vs unemployed people in the UK. If nothing else, we need to be expanding our talent pool so that we keep business going.

One of our General Managers has said, “Our most recent addition to our F&B team was through The Clink and we couldn’t be more impressed with the commitment and service skills consistently demonstrated. We are blown away with how well they have integrated with the team and we have seen an increase in our Breakfast scores, which we directly attribute to this team members recruitment.”




Sophie Campion, Support Worker based in Styal spoke about the importance of business-charity relationships:

“It is fantastic to have Kew Green as one of our ‘go-to’ employers when looking for possible opportunities for our graduates. It is a great help to me when supporting people with convictions find employment, as our partnership with Kew Green removes the usual obstacles and barriers to someone finding work. It is as simple as sending an enquiry / forwarding a CV to see if Kew Green have any vacancies in the required area (i.e. anywhere across the northwest region) and if they can offer an interview. Kew Green trust us to put forward great candidates, and in return we know that our candidates will be looked after by a decent employer who will seek to help them progress on the next stage of their journey. For example, one candidate was entered into the annual Employee Awards Ceremony, in the ‘Best New Comer’ category which was a fantastic achievement and proves how effective our partnership is for everyone involved.”

Breaking these barriers seems to be a win-win-win situation. Second chances for ex-offenders, jobs filled by committed and skilled candidates and a reduction in re-offending within the community.

If you would like to find out more, please visit The Clink’s website.

Alternatively, if you would like to join a company like Kew Green Hotels, please contact Charley on