CIPD Level 5 Student of the Year

In 2018 we interviewed our wonderful Assistant HR Advisor, Laura Burdon. She told us, among many things, why she chose HR as a career and how she got to where she is today.

6 months later Laura has finished her CIPD Level 5 so we wanted to touch base to see how it’s impacted her work life.  Not only has she been promoted to HR Advisor as a result of graduating, but she was also awarded CIPD Level 5 Student of the Year through Northampton College where she studied!


The biggest and most valued impact Laura’s CIPD studies has had on her is her confidence. Whether it’s in decision making or the advice she’s giving, it is clear from her supportive team around her, as well as to herself, that she has grown in confidence over the last 9 months.

Laura told us that working as an HR Practitioner at the same time as studying for her CIPD was the best way to do it (and not just because Kew Green paid!). Each day, as all of you HR professionals will know, is very different than the last, and each brings new and interesting questions to be answered. This hands-on, day-to-day experience was helpful to inform her study as well as to discuss and share with others on the course. Then, in turn, hearing and discussing other students’ experiences would offer further, useful, real-life exposure to the HR world.

As Laura was presented her award for Student of the Year, Northamptonshire’s CIPD Chair said that Laura exuded passion and determination. She made brilliant links between her theory to practical and thoroughly researched to produce excellent assignments. She concluded by saying that Laura built her confidence and demonstrated great practice.

Needless to say we are all very proud!!

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