Jump up, jump up, and get down (with ways to stay active in isolation and improve your mood)

Stay In Work Out #StressAwarenessMonth

Staying active doesn’t just mean joining Joe Wicks every morning (side-note, what a genius that man is). It doesn’t mean you have to start going for a run or getting those ankle and wrist weights for power-walking with that puff-puff breathing they do. However you choose to stay active will encourage self-care and motivation, as well as inject your body with much-craved serotonin, directly supporting your mood.

5 ways to stay active in isolation #StayInWorkOut


1 – Stretching – Allocate time in your day to stretch.  If you’re working from home, you may find your body feels stiff and leaning over that laptop all day can cause neck and back pain, so set a timer for every 1-2 hours to stand up and stretch it out! Stretching will improve flexibility in your joints and muscles, decrease stress and kick-start your circulation.

2 – YouTube workouts – A simple search on YouTube or Instagram will bring up thousands of workouts ranging from beginner to advanced with options for bodyweight and weighted exercises depending on what you fancy! The beauty is, you can do them in your own time and at your own level. Our You Fit clubs have a dedicated YouTube channel featuring a wide range of workouts which can easily be done at home. This week we’re being treated to the below classes:

Tuesday 14th April
Circuits with Dan – Club Manager at Holiday Inn Shepperton

Saturday 18th April
Yoga Flow with Nicola – Club Manager at Holiday Inn Rochester

3 – ‘Live’ online workouts – ‘Live’ workouts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are great ways to experience a workout with a qualified instructor to coach and motivate you. Our You Fit instructors are running regular strength, conditioning and stretching workouts on their YouTube channel on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

4 – Playing with your kids – Everybody knows that children appear to have unlimited reserves of energy and, as you may currently be homeschooling, what better time to get up and active with them? Take a bike ride or kick a ball around together, anything which lifts your heart rate will benefit your mind and body.

5 – Cleaning – You can burn around 170 calories per hour doing light cleaning such as wiping surfaces and hoovering. Not only will this get you up and active, but it will also have your house looking spotless. What better motivation for a big Spring clean?

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