An interview with Alex - how to stand out when applying for a job.

Stand-Out in your Application

Meet Alex…

Alex has been working in hotels since before he can remember. With both parents independently running hotels, there was no such thing as a ‘break’ or ‘chilling out’ at home, growing up. When Alex’s mates got in from college, they could chill on Fortnight or watch Netflix; when Alex got back, he would step straight into helping the family businesses. Imagine, then, his first job away from the family business was with us at Holiday Inn Lancaster. Having a full-time job meant that when he got home from work, he got to… yeah… help out the family business!!

“Both parents have hotels – I was brought up literally living and breathing them.”

It’ll be no shock to you to learn that Alex decided to fly the nest and move to Manchester where his evenings could be filled with whatever he wanted, not just a mirror of the day he just had at work. Before he could do this, he knew he had to find a job!

“I do really like working for Kew Green and have built some good relationships so I wanted, ideally, to get a transfer.”

Learning that there was a position at Holiday Inn Manchester City-Centre, Alex approached his General Manager at Holiday Inn Lancaster to see how to go about it. With Manchester being one of the leading Holiday Inns in Europe, he worried his CV wouldn’t get noticed in the 100s of applications they receive.

“The Manchester branch is a very different environment to Lancaster – it’s a lot busier and, with the guests being so diverse and from all over the world, the calibre of staff is exceptional – employees speaking multiple languages and having some really exciting and interesting experience in their pockets.

I’ve got a CV with 9 years of experience in hospitality, but when I was speaking with Peggy, Holiday Inn Lancaster’s General Manager, she told me we would have to do something a bit different to stand out.”

“We chose to do a video because I think it showed who I am – you could see me, see my interaction with customers and employees, hear my tone and my conversation style – hospitality is so personal and bespoke to each hotel – they needed to see me in action to know that I would fit in their team.

I think the video really boosted my chances to even get an interview. My co-workers are very high in terms of talent – they’re experienced, multi-lingual, very impressive. I hated the idea at first because I don’t like being on camera, but I knew I had to do something to stay in their minds and be considered for an interview.”

Alex is now working at Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre as a direct result of the creativity and confidence it took for him to make that film – that’s the kind of person we’re looking for!!

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