Everything in hospitality is different to any other industry. SO...

Matt Merrick - IHG's Sales Person of the Year 2018, talks about his journey to success in Hotel Sales

“If I’m perfectly honest, I never knew what I wanted to do growing up.”

This is Matt, our award-winning Sales Manager at Kew Green Hotels. We thought it would be great to get an understanding of his journey to this successful and widely recognised point.

“I stumbled into the hospitality industry once I left school some 7 years ago, however I haven’t looked back since. I started as a Junior Sales Consultant and very quickly realised I had a genuine passion for sales/hospitality. Within a number of months, the Junior title was removed and I began taking on further responsibilities which I very much relished. A good 12 months later I moved on to an Account Management role which is where my passion really ignited.”

“I dealt with many multi-million pound accounts and really got my name out there. I put myself forward for all events, meetings, client showcases and social events within the industry. Once I feel I had cracked this segment, I applied and successfully landed the role of Senior Sales & Events Coordinator, still within the same organisation. Here I learnt a whole new range of skills as it involved being a go-to for over 10 other team members, conducting morning meetings, delegating work-load throughout the team and reporting directly to senior managers and directors.”

“Though I was enjoying my role and worked with some fantastic colleagues, in November 2017 I then made the decision of moving on to Kew Green Hotels as I could see clearly their ambitions within the market, and looking back this is one of the best decisions I have made. I met with Lyndsey Graham who remains my manager to-date and I knew within minutes of meeting that I wanted to work for the company.”

“The support they have provided me within the 15 months that I have been here has been imperative. I began by looking after a number of hotels within the North East which gave me a fantastic insight into the ways in which Kew Green work, and I had (and still have) the pleasure of working with some fantastic General Managers and on-site sales teams. When I heard Kew Green were taking over the management of a number of Hilton properties UK wide, I knew straight away this was something I wanted to be involved in to further broaden my knowledge of the industry as a whole.”

Interested in joining an exciting and valued team who are consistently striving for Outstanding? Get in touch with Lyndsey Graham, our Central Sales Manager, on lyndsey.graham@kewgreen.co.uk.