Keep Calm and Carry On (finding different ways to relax and get those creativity juices flowing)

Relax & Get Creative #StressAwarenessMonth

Relaxation – imaging you’re in a meadow and the sand is between your toes as your boat glides through the calm open waters. WHAT? I know. Maybe there’s another way…

At Kew Green, we wanted to hunt down our crafty(!) employees to share ideas for a relaxing, creative hobby you could take up whilst we’re all stuck inside.

Emma Bellis, Payroll Executive at Kew Green Hotels, let us have a peek at some of her crafternoon successes…

“I started doing crochet a few years ago after my 12-year-old niece crocheted me a coaster.  I decided to give it a go and taught myself with YouTube videos/tutorials.

Being a lefty, this wasn’t as easy as I thought – apparently left-handed crocheters are quite rare! Ever since, I have enjoyed making animals, blankets and clothing items for friends and family, and have even sold some of my best makes!

I crochet in my free time as I feel like I’m doing something productive whilst doing something I love and it definitely helps me relax. I like to write my own patterns and have my own Facebook page to share my makes. I definitely feel it is a life skill as it can be practical as well as enjoyable.

I find it really helps relieve tension headaches as it changes my focus from staring at a screen all day. Although some patterns can be difficult to follow, I enjoy the challenge (and excuse to swear) and the end result is definitely rewarding.”