The Kew Green People Team want to share their exciting achievements...

2019 People Team Awards

As we come to the end of the 2019 awards season, Kew Green People Team is able to reflect on their successes and the confirmation that centralising the HR function was the best thing for the business and its employees.

With the function divided into specialisms – Talent Recruitment, Talent Development and Employee Relations – we wanted to share and celebrate what we’ve been recognised for. We’ll start with our hat-trick from Springboard Awards for Excellence 2019:

  • Best Young People Attraction and Development Award

It was such an honour to work with Premiership Rugby earlier in the year, and to gain an award for it is a team-dream come true!! If you didn’t see our article on our growing relationship of HITZ and the launch of KGH MasterChef, have a little look here.

  • Best Use of Digital Media to Attract Talent

The thing we love most about this award is that all we did was listen to how people communicate and respond accordingly (very quickly, might we add). It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘this is how we do it’ and what has worked previously – but this world is changing faster than we can comprehend, with the advancements of technology only accelerating that. Our 2018/2019 Chef Apprenticeship recruitment campaign was done through SnapChat but we know full-well that even now SnapChat wouldn’t be the right platform for the next cohort and perhaps next time we will be using TikTok of, in fact, something that hasn’t even been launched yet.

  • Best Community Engagement Award

Community Engagement is something that is at the heart of Kew Green Hotels. Contributing to this award is the amazing work that our individual hotels are doing on a daily basis: raising over £300,000 for our beloved charity, GreenFingers, supporting homelessness charities in the winter months, and allowing young people from their local communities to run the hotels for a week(!). This award, in fact, belongs to everyone at Kew Green Hotels.

Venturing to HR in Hospitality, we were awarded Excellence in Talent Attraction. This year we launched our values, built a brand-new careers website and developed our employer brand. When people think about talent attraction, perhaps they think only of active candidates; that’s where the Kew Green Talent team differ: 2019 welcomed the launch of  launched our super-exciting Kew Start project, working with underrepresented groups in order to stamp out stigma and breakdown some of the unique barriers each group face when trying to find work.

It’s not, however, just about attracting talent. A big focus of ours is the nurturing and development, both personally and professionally, of our Kew Green employees. This love and focus resulted in being awarded Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Developing People Award 2019

Caterer People Awards – In-House Recruitment Team of the Year 2019. Now, we’ve tried to be as modest as possible thus-far (as modest as you can be when you’re writing an article specifically about your successes…) but this one we’re going to struggle with. Just two years ago, the Talent Resourcing Team was formed, and the 2019 Caterer People Awards saw us up against the biggest names and the biggest teams in the hospitality industry. Winning alone is an absolute honour, but winning as a just a team of two has made us glow with pride.

Last but by no means least, in fact – this may be what we are most proud of, despite not coming first:

Just 2 days ago, our Talent Resourcing Team attended the In-House Hospitality Awards and were awarded:

  • Bronze – Best Newcomer Recruitment Team
  • Bronze – In-House Recruitment Manager

Why we hear you cry, are we more proud of the ones that we were runner-up from? In these awards, we were up against in-house recruiters in all other industries, including the likes of Harrods, White Stuff and BP. For us, as a team of 2, to be recognised and shortlisted at all was wonderful enough, and being awarded bronze made the whole night just that much sweeter.    

Now that we’ve won all of these awards, we can all just kick back and relax, right? Wrong!! Each of the projects we have been working on over the last year is only going to be developed and grown to be even bigger and even better!

If you’re as excited by this award-winning culture as we are, get in touch!