Kew & A with MICE Sale Executive, Gemma Clapton

Staying Balanced through Crisis

What support did you feel you got from KGH through the COVID-19 pandemic? 

KGH allowed me to be very flexible with my hours, working longer days so I have more days off in-between to look after my little boy and spend time entertaining him now that his nursery is closed!

How has this experience affected your opinion of KGH? 

I think the company seemed to be very structured with their approach towards COVID19 and have kept communicating to everyone throughout, which I think is so important for reassurance. It is really easy to ask questions and know where to look for guidance. The fact that we are trying to keep our hotels open for as long as possible for key workers in this crisis has been met with a great deal of positivity and its nice to feel you are doing your bit in a national crisis and makes me proud to work for KGH.

What has been your biggest personal challenge through this time and how have you overcome it? 

For me, the first week working from home and managing childcare was extremely tough and for someone who is conscientious it’s extremely difficult managing your own expectations – it feels impossible to give 100% to both work and being a parent! I have overcome this by looking at what didn’t work and trying to change it. It doesn’t mean it won’t need changing again but we will get there! I have also had to lower my own expectations and will have to accept that this is an incredibly unique and ever-changing situation so will try and make the best of it.

What’s the biggest thing you’ll take away from this experience? 

Living in the moment. It will be nice to come out of this so much more appreciative of things and to not get caught up in planning too far ahead.

What has been the most memorable and inspiring moment for you in this? 

How everyone in the Central Sales Hub has come together to multi-task and help each other. There has been a real sense of Kewmunity throughout all of this .