The focus and the benefits of having an Employee Board

Welcoming Kew Green Hotels' Employee Board

Employee engagement is a passion and focus for Kew Green Hotels; our people are the core of our business which means it’s imperative that we attract the right people and – the important bit – keep them! As part of our commitment to increase engagement across Kew Green hotels we introduced a new initiative in 2017 – The Employee Board.

For the 3rd year running, Kew Green Hotels have just elected our Employee Board members for 2019/ 2020. Our employee board initiative is something that is very close to our heart, with the aim “ensure all employees have a channel to have their voices heard and have a direct and positive impact on the running of the business, future direction and strategy of the company and to become an outstanding employer.”

The term ‘employee engagement’ is something we hear about so often these days, but does it actually benefit a business?

The short answer is yes. But we’ll share a little more information for those of you who need a little bit more context:

Employee Satisfaction – the more satisfied an employee is, the more likely they are to believe in your company goals. The more they believe in your company goals, the harder they will work towards them.Productivity – research by Hays Group states that productivity is increased by 43% in businesses with engaged teams. We feel that number speaks for itself!Retention and Recruitment – engaged, productive and satisfied employees will stay. Having employees like this make you an employer of choice. The talent attracts itself!Innovation – engagement and creativity come hand-in-hand. Passionate, engaged employees are the best people to be coming up with exciting, new initiatives as they’re the ones living and breathing your business every single day.Profitability – A study by Wyatt Watson found that companies with engaged teams on average produce 26% higher revenue per employee. Enough said.

2019/2020 projects for the Kew Green Hotel Employee Board:

                  • Family Benefits
                  • Cadet War Room
                  • Training
                  • Celebrity Employee
                  • Experience
                  • Greenfingers
                  • Inclusion
                  • Mental Health

Right now this all sounds very illusive but we will be keeping you up-to-date with projects and results!

If you’re interested in becoming a part of a company with such a value on employee engagement, get in touch by emailing Charley on