For new people starting a career in this industry it can be daunting, we asked Laura what does an average day look like, what can they expect, what are the challenges and why is it rewarding. This is Laura's story...

As part of National Spa Week - we talked "A Day in the Life" with Laura Mclaren, Spa Manager, Cambridge Belfry

As it’s National Spa Week, we thought we would celebrate The Cambridge Belfry Hotel’s very successful and inspiring Spa Manager – Laura Mclaren.

What made you want to work in the industry? What route did you take in?

I first realised I wanted to become a therapist when I was 15 years old.  I went to go get my nails painted for my prom and I left with my nails looking so nice, it made me feel so happy & beautiful! This made me realise that I wanted to do a job where I made others feel the same way.

After I finished my GCSE’s I went to college to do an NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty Therapy course. This then led to me achieving a Foundation Degree in Beauty Therapy and Spa Management and a top-up course in Business Finance.

Whilst completing my training, I worked as a part-time Therapist at The Cambridge Belfry Hotel. I also worked at other spas such as Aqua Sana in Center Parcs to gain experience in different working environments. I then went on to work myself up at The Cambridge Belfry from Therapist to Supervisor then from Supervisor to Spa Manager. I have now been managing the spa for 4 years in September!

What is the average day like for you?
Most days consist of first organising the diary for the day, my team of therapists rely on me and the reception team making sure the diary runs smoothly so their treatments run smoothly!
Then the first half of the day is mostly customer-facing, greeting spa guests, showing them around the facilities, ensuring we meet any needs they have. It is so important that our guests feel welcomed and relaxed as soon as they walk through the door.
The rest of the day will then involve stock management, marketing, therapist rotas and general management duties.

I can honestly say, I LOVE my job.

Tell us about a good day, an unusual story/a day that wasn’t normal and why it was memorable?Honestly, I can’t pinpoint one day. Saturdays are my favourite day to work as it’s the busiest! I usually have a full team of therapists in (7 columns) plus a Leisure attendant and the general energy of the team is usually electric! We make sure we have loads of snacks for the team (healthy and unhealthy!), lots of laughs and lots of energy.

Tell us about your working environment, is it inspirational, picturesque, unusual?
Our spa has 7 treatment rooms, a spa manicure area and stock cupboard. As a therapist, you spend most of your time in your treatment room. As these rooms have no windows, we make sure each room is nice and open, not too cluttered and have aircon. As you are in this room most of the day. being a therapist can sometimes be a lonely job so we make sure every minute out of treatment counts. We are a very sociable team which makes my team such fun to work with. Doing client turnaround time, we make sure we help each other’s and keep conversation light and energetic. I have had 2 babies whilst in this particular job role and each time I have returned to work it’s like coming back to my second home, my own little spa family.

What would you be doing if you were not doing this?
My next career goal would be to go into Sales. This job has given me such confidence working with customers but also amazing business skills such as Accounting, Marketing, Human resources, Team management.

So many doors have been opened through the career path I have taken.

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