We hope together with Greenfingers we can make a real difference to the children and families in our communities.

Kew Green Hotels are dedicated to raising money for our chosen charity Greenfingers. See our journey by visiting

Greenfingers is a charity dedicated to supporting the children and families who use hospices around the UK.

They create magical and inspiring sensory gardens for the children and families to relax in and enjoy. The charity is dedicated to creating beautiful, well-designed outdoor spaces where children can come together with their family, friends, siblings, and carers for play and fun, or therapeutic rest and relaxation.

To date Greenfingers has created 53 inspiring gardens and outdoor spaces in hospices around the country. They also have a waiting list of hospices that need their help now.

Why Greenfingers and Kew Green

We are very pleased to be working closely with Greenfingers as our charity partner throughout the UK through to 2019. Greenfingers is run by a small dedicated team with big ambitions, a journey not too dissimilar from Kew Green’s own. With many hospice gardens located near our hotels we believe that the family of Kew Green Hotels, our loyal customers and supply partners can make a real difference to children and families in our communities.

Greenfingers Charity
Charity Number: 1076640


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